Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Scott Institute Researcher Lee Branstetter delivers opening address at United Nations Climate Change Workshop

Lee Branstetter, Scott Institute researcher and professor of public policy and economics at Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz and Dietrich Colleges, has been invited to deliver the opening address at the United Nations Framework Climate Change Convention’s Technology Executive Committee (TEC)  workshop titled “Strengthening National Systems of Innovation in Developing Countries: Covering the Entire Technology Cycle for Climate Technology” on Oct. 13 in Bonn, Germany. Branstetter will set the scene with his talk, “What are national systems of innovation for climate technology?”

The workshop will support the TEC’s work on enhancing enabling environments for and addressing barriers to technology development and transfer, in accordance with its mandated functions. It will have three sessions:

  • Strengthening national systems of innovation
  • Issues related to knowledge transfer between national systems of innovation
  • Knowledge transfer mechanisms: enhancing collaboration.

 The workshop will be webcast. Audience members may pose questions for workshop participants on Twitter with the hashtag #climatetech.